5 movies that should become musicals

Here are five movies that we’d love to see given the song-and-dance treatment, complete with larger-than-life stage production.

5 movies that should become musicals
Photo credit: Kosta Brastos

With The Wizard of Oz, Mama Mia! and Priscilla: Queen Of The Desert ready to play their way to sold-out audiences throughout Australia, it seems like film-to-stage adaptations are floating everyone’s boat. And with reason: find a beloved storyline with massive appeal, or a cult film with a passionate fan base, add some infectious music, glitzy costumes, powerhouse singing and high-energy dancing and you’ve got yourself a sure-fire hit.

Here are five movies that we’d love to see given the song-and-dance treatment, complete with larger-than-life stage production and backed by an orchestra and chorus.

1. Clueless

This is already very much in the works — BroadwayWorld reports that Amy Heckerling (writer and director of the film version) has been at work since 2014 on the jukebox musical adaptation — complete with giant brick mobile phone we hope. We can only imagine the over-the-top 90s costumes and absurd song titles that would come with Cher’s love for retail therapy.

2. Jaws

This is probably a bit of a stretch, not to mention the fact that it probably won’t help the public’s negative perception of sharks. But you have to admit that it would be pretty entertaining. Would this be the world’s first ever horror-film-about-sharks-turned-musical? How would they build a beach on-stage? What would the dance numbers entail? Who would play Jaws? These are the questions that need answers — preferably in the form of full-length Jaws musical. Hey, at least we’re not petitioning for a Sharknado musical.

3. Love Actually

Because everyone loves a Christmas musical — A Christmas Carol is proof enough. But as much as we do love A Christmas Carol, we can’t help but wonder what a modern Christmas musical would look like. Love Actually would be the perfect way to get into the festive spirit without sitting through Scrooge’s crabbiness. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to watch Sam sing his heart out as he runs through the airport?

4. Alice In Wonderland

Interestingly, Alice In Wonderland was already produced as a musical pantomime throughout the 1800s. Most of us are familiar with (and most likely love) Disney’s adaptation. Tim Burton’s live action version of the Disney adaptation was quite poorly received, which might be why the musical hasn’t quite made it to Broadway yet. With its colourful visuals and whimsical storyline, Alice In Wonderland on Broadway would be a ‘curiouser and curiouser’ stage spectacular consisting of awe-inspiring set design and lighting.

5. This Is Spinal Tap

With the widespread success of the rock-concert musical American Idiot, this one seems like a bit of a no-brainer. It may not be the most intellectual piece of theatre but it sure would be entertaining. It’s a definite bonus that half the songs would already have been written for the film, making it even easier to imagine on-stage. With the character’s big personalities and their even bigger hair this is one show that would be up for a ‘Best Musical’ award.

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