5 tips for surviving the Pop-up Globe

Our guide to getting the most out of this interactive theatrical experience, including how to (or not) be sprayed with fake blood.

5 tips for surviving the Pop-up Globe
Image: Pop-up Globe

After performing to 550,000 people in just two and half years, the Elizabethan extravaganza known as the Pop-up Globe will spring to life in Perth this October. If your most recent exposure to Shakespeare was in high school English ten years ago, don’t fret dear fellows, we’ve got your backs.

The Perth season will showcase four of Shakespeare’s classics: A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Hamlet, Twelfth Night and Measure for Measure. To help ease you into the experience, we’ve put together a list of tips and tricks to make sure you get the most out of one of the most interactive and original theatre experiences you’ll ever have.

1. Don’t let the language get ye down

If your first reaction to hearing Shakespeare is this…

Image: Pop-up Globe’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream

… you’re not alone.

One reason people are put off seeing a Shakespearean play is the language — the ‘thee’s, ‘thou’s and ‘thy’s alone are practically a different dialect. However, our advice is to let the actors guide you. They will literally be acting out what Shakespeare is trying to say, not simply repeating lines of confusing medieval English. Plus, the use of lavish costumes, elaborate sets, lighting effects and props will help transport you into these iconic stories.

2. Have a laugh

If this is your first time seeing a Shakespearean play, try to keep it light and pick a comedy…

Image: Pop-up Globe’s Measure for Measure

… over a tragedy.

Image: Pop-up Globe’s Hamlet

Instead of seeing a play about the profound question of life and death (Hamlet), select a show that whisks you away to the streets of 17th century Vienna (Measure for Measure), takes you on a epic journey through magical woods filled with fairies and donkeys (A Midsummer Night’s Dream), or has you dancing in the aisles with shipwrecked sailors and identical twins (Twelfth Night).

3. The best ‘seat’ in the house

History time! One of the many reasons the original Globe Theatre was so iconic was because it allowed anyone, from Queens to peasants, to watch plays. The lower classes, also know as ‘Groundlings’, could pay a penny and stand in the yard of the Theatre to watch the play, a tradition that still exists. If this is your first time, then we suggest grabbing yourself a Groundling ticket and get a front row seat to the action.

Image: Pop-up Globe’s Macbeth

Although these are standing tickets, this is where all the action is. At previous performances, Groundling members have danced with the cast, sat around camp fires and even been sprayed with fake blood.

4. Cushions are thy friend

However, if you’re a big spender and splurge for a fancy seat like the Queen you are, our advice is to take a cushion. This nifty little tip is inspired by the actual Globe Theatre in London where you can reserve a cushion. As far as we know, this option hasn’t yet been offered to Perth patrons, so we fully encourage that you bring your own and save your rear end.

5. Rain, hail… even snow, the show must go on

Something else to think about if you’re considering a Groundling ticket is that Shakespeare’s got no time for bad weather — come rain, hail or shine, the show must go on.

Image: Pop-up Globe

While the seats in the galleries are covered, if you’re in the standing area you’re going to get drenched if it starts raining or be nursing a painful sunburn if it’s an extra sunny day. So come prepared and pack a poncho or sunscreen. Luckily, your chances of snow in October are pretty slim.

The Pop-Up Globe has officially opened in Perth and is now playing for a limited season.  Access tickets from just $29 on TIX