How to spoil every type of Mum this Mother's Day

With your usual brunch spots and candle stores closed, it's time to get creative.

How to spoil every type of Mum this Mother's Day

Mother's Day is less than two weeks away, and with your usual brunch spots and candle stores closed, it's time to get creative. Staying at home all day gives you plenty of time to figure out the perfect way to spoil Mum. Trust us when we say that you can make her day extra special, even while self-isolating.

For the artistic mum

Creative projects have proven to be incredibly popular during this time – from writing, to painting, to TikTok dancing (if you can really count that as a 'creative project'). Perhaps your mum wants to dive into her creative side but she doesn't know where to start (or you'd like to prevent her from participating in cringe-worthy social media dances). In any case, there's a plethora of options out there – paint-by-numbers kits, watercolour paint sets, and more. You could even crack open a bottle of wine and follow along with a Bob Ross tutorial, for your very own Sip and Paint night (forget about mum, this is also a great activity to do with your roommates).


For the music loving mum

Some mummas never grow out of their moshing phase and are finding today's lack of live music particularly troubling. These mums may be trying to replicate this experience by playing their music out loud, seemingly non-stop. As much as we love our mothers, we may not necessarily appreciate their music taste. This is where a pair of high quality headphones comes in.

Couple this with a Rolling Stones magazine subscription and we can assure you that her Mother's Day will rock (use code TIX20 for 20% off an annual subscription).


For the bookworm mum

Huzzah for the world of literature, for when binge-watching just doesn't cut it. It seems to be a universal truth that all mums love to read (seriously, what is that about?). Libraries and bricks-and-mortar book stores may be closed, but have no fear, for online bookstores are here. There's a huge range of reading material available for all of the bookworms out there. Two of our top picks are The Scent of You and Where the Crawdads Sing (which also happened to top several bestseller lists). Alternatively, now is the perfect opportunity to introduce her to the world of ebooks with a Kindle e-reader; this way she'll never run out of reading material!

For the competitive mum

Some mums are all about letting their kids win, others are... not. If your mum falls in the latter category (and you're feeling brave), get her a boardgames bundle and have your very own family tournament. This will keep everyone entertained for hours (especially if you opt for something like Monopoly) and will scratch your mum's competitive itch! Hot tip: Maybe let her win just this once, it is Mother's Day after all.


For the culinary mum

If the supermarket aisles are anything to go by, it seems that everyone has been cooking and baking up a storm (we're looking at you, empty flour shelves). Chances are your mum has been perfecting her culinary skills (and you've been perfecting your eating skills). Support her gastronomic endeavours with the ultimate Mother's Day gift. Perhaps a pizza oven is exactly what she needs, or simply a new set of kitchen knives. She may even enjoy a new cookbook or an online masterclass to help become real pro. Or maybe just ask yourself what you want to eat and go from there.


For the mum who loves to run (or do any type of sport really)

As tempting as it may be to sit on the couch all day, we all know how important it is to keep fit and healthy. So why not encourage mum's active streak this Mother's Day? A new pair of running shoes or a fitness tracker will be the encouragement she needs. Whether she's a marathon runner or a zen yoga lover, there are so many different ways to support mum's fitness goals.


For the mum who wines while dining

As therapeutic as exercise and cooking can be, sometimes all mum needs is a good bottle of wine (or a case – we're not judging). Save mum the trip to the bottle-o and have it delivered straight to her doorstep. If you're able to visit her, why not make a cheese platter and order a sampler 6-pack for an at-home wine tasting? Because let's face it, you could probably use a drink too.


For the mum with a green thumb

Gardening has been a real hit during this isolation period. We may be moving into winter, but there are still plenty of gifts for the mum with a green thumb. In fact, there are many types of flowers and vegetables that can be sown during winter – so you can get her some seeds to help her grow her own bouquet (or some carrots, if that's more her style). If you'd prefer to go down an even more sentimental route, why not make it an arts and crafts moment and get the little ones to decorate some plant pots (they may not be the prettiest things in the world, but at least they'll still be functional) or take on a bigger DIY project, like some hanging planters.

For the mum with too much stuff

A second wave of the Marie Kondo craze has taken over many households, as many of us come to realise that we own way too much stuff when we're tripping over it all day long during iso. This is tricky when it comes to gift giving – what do you buy for the mum who has no interest in physical objects? Depending on her interests, you could adapt a few of the ideas mentioned above (for example, a Kindle = no more books taking up space). Alternatively, why not make a charitable contribution to a cause that's near and dear to her heart? Give a gift with a whole lot of meaning this Mother's Day – there are countless organisations that do fantastic work for local and international communities.


For the mum who just needs to relax

These past few months have likely been particularly stressful, so perhaps all your mum needs is a little bit of relaxation. While there are different gift routes you can take with this one, our personal favourite is an at-home spa day. There's nothing more relaxing than the combination of a bath bomb and a scented candle. Go the extra mile and get her a personalised bathrobe to cozy up in, paired with some super comfy slippers. Start the day with breakfast in bed (and maybe a mimosa or two) and give mum the luxurious treatment she deserves.


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