Lockdown laughs: Great comedy from the last two months

From accidental moments that go viral to full stand-up acts, we've turned to the internet for comedy to distract us and the internet has delivered.

Lockdown laughs: Great comedy from the last two months

For the last little while, we've been advised to stay home with nothing much to do except browse the internet and the internet has delivered. From frivolous, accidental moments that go viral to full-blown comedy acts, we've turned to comedy to distract us and help us cope with the gravity of the situation.

With restrictions set to ease and light at the end of the lockdown tunnel, we look back at some of the laughs that have come out of the past weeks.

Videos and live streams

This version of Bohemian Rhapsody for the COVID-19 age had us in tears (although the part about 'no escape from the family' was almost too real to be funny).

And if you're wondering how the virus started and how to be socially responsible in a full-blown pandemic, let Maria and the von Trapp family show you.

Meanwhile, Dutch musical therapist and spiritual healer Jan van de Stool (alter ego of musical theatre performer Queenie van de Zandt) continues to offer her commentary on the current situation, from the couch, in her Coronavlog.

Comedian Yianni Agisilaou is taking his stand-up online, with Australia Says Welcome (Conditions Apply) to stream via Zoom. Mild heckling encouraged.

Yianni's comedy act is part of a series by Serious Comedy that brings stand-up to you while venues are locked down. Other upcoming acts include Alan Lovett: Poetry to Lock Down to (16 May); Louisa Fitzhardinge: Comma Sutra (16 May); and Andrew McClelland: A Seated Walking Tour of Western Europe (28 May).

Combining two of everyone's favourite genres during lockdown – cooking and comedy – Live Nation has launched a new series where comedians and artists share recipes from their 'iso cookbook'. First up was Urzila Carlson showing us her favourite 'vegan' meal.


You've probably heard about the priest who accidentally activated video filters during a live-streamed mass. Then there was the boss who turned herself into a potato and couldn't switch the filter off.

With so many of us working from home and learning new teleconferencing technology, it's probably unsurprising when these glitches happen. But sometimes it's not you – it's your partner. Who walks into your Zoom call without pants on, runs away in a panic and smacks his face into a wall.


Ah, it's not easy being the prime minister. At every turn and press conference, you have the eyes of the nation on you, ready to jump on the slightest slip-up and off-pitch statement. If you didn't tune in to the address where ScoMo told us all to stop hoarding because it was 'unAustralian,' you've now got a musical parody of it that you can sing to your family or coworkers when they annoy you.

And in case his directives around social distancing are unclear, the two Kates from Get Krack!n' spell them out for you. Even the part about the live dolphin.

Then there was the time he told poor Andrew that he didn't run the press conference. Which was lip-synced to dance music.


Saturday night bop. ##fyp ##foryou ##australiangovernment

♬ original sound - triplejradio

And turned into a love song.


I ship it. ##scomo ##andrew ##music ##moreyouknow

♬ original sound - fettuccinefettuqueen

View the original press conference here.

People getting creative

To offset the boredom of being stuck within the same four walls every day, the people of Instagram recreated famous paintings using household objects and the results are pretty amazing.

They also went to great lengths to protect their animals.

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Others did what they did best and created memes to reflect our new reality.

Check out these upcoming comedy events to look forward to.