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Not gonna lie - this is one funny show!

cabaret Dec 03, 2021

Does Trevor Ashley deserve the unbridled adoration he demands from his audience at the start of his show, The Lyin’ Queen? You’re damn right he does! This man, playing a woman who knows she’s a man, can belt out a tune, deliver a line with comedic timing, and react wittily to the calamities of live theatre. As co-writer of The Lyin’ Queen, Ashley also proves his outrageous and inappropriate sense of humour and willingness to “take one for the team”.

The Lyin’ Queen is the tale of a fictional Home and Away starlet named Gaye Wray, who is trying to escape her soapy past and make it rich. She accepts an offer to be the face of a new theme park, where she discovers that her employer, Dr Richard Rabbitborough (Todd McKenney), has meddled with nature to create dinosaurs and one giant ape. The plotlines to several recognisable movies then converge into a fabulous, lyrical spoof where nothing is sacred.

In the intimate setting of the Studio at the Sydney Opera House, the five member ensemble more than fill the stage with their over-the-top caricatures. Popular songs are parodied, political references are thrown about and the fourth wall isn’t just broken, it’s demolished! This is no breath of fresh air, this is old-school comedy at its satirical, Aussie, inappropriate best.

If you want to laugh yourself silly this silly season, you can’t miss The Lyin’ Queen.

The Lyin’ Queen is now playing in the Studio, Sydney Opera House, until 12 December 2021