Our guide to experiencing Frozen the Musical

All eyes are on Sydney for the opening night of this Broadway blockbuster, as it becomes the first major musical to open after venues shuttered in March.

Our guide to experiencing Frozen the Musical

Aside from being an epic multi-million dollar Broadway show, this is the first time the blockbuster musical has gone international and it's also the first major musical to open worldwide since March this year. All eyes are on Sydney for opening night and, when we attended the preview of Frozen the Musical, it was pretty clear that the pieces are in place for an unforgettable and exhilarating experience. Here's our guide on what to expect and where to eat.

Frozen-inspired desserts, dining and accommodation

It wouldn't be a night out at the theatre without some pre-show dining and drinks. Ice-themed treats are popping up at establishments to get you in the wintry mood (and cool you down from Sydney's summer heat). Famed KOI dessert bar, for example, has a series of Frozen-inspired dessert creations that will have you drooling.

Images: KOI's Frozen-inspired desserts

Dopa by Devon and Auvers Cafe are in the newly minted Darling Square, a cruisey five-minute stroll from Capitol Theatre.

If you love some theatricality with your food, the Arendelle Fjord dish from Auvers Cafe is a must-try, with its mist of dry ice, while the Snow Queen cocktail (also from Auvers) was equal parts stunning and mouth-watering.

Meanwhile, Dopa by Devon's Frozen Storm crushed ice dessert is the perfect prelude to Frozen's spectacular icy scenes.

In the same dining precinct, you can find Kusuka's Snowstorm drink and IIKO Mazesoba's twist on their summery cold ramen, featuring blue house-made noodles, blue soft eggs and seasonal vegetables.

If you're travelling from further afield, or just want to have a convenient place to return to straight after the show, Novotel Sydney Darling Square currently has an exclusive offer for attendees and is just a few minutes' walk from the theatre. It includes accommodation, breakfast, a Frozen-themed gift, cocktails and more, to turn your theatre experience into a memorable getaway.

Entering the theatre

We turned up to Capitol Theatre and were directed to the queue for stalls. There are separate entries for stall and dress circle audiences; you'll notice on your ticket that entry is staggered and dependent on your seat. In case you forget your mask, there are mask fairies handing out disposable ones prior to entry. And to allow for a smooth flow of people entering and exiting the venue, the road in front of the Capitol is closed off before each performance.

According to the Head of Ticketing and Marketing at Foundation Theatres, Anastasia Kotycheva, they've doubled the staff to ensure a seamless check-in process. When we lined up, we were inside in less than a minute.

The buzz was something we'd missed: excited pre-show chatter, glossy programs on offer, adorable fluffy Sven dolls on display, the smell of popping corn and – our personal favourite – vendors selling Choc Tops and other goodies.

The costumes and sets

We've seen the movie dozens of times and sung the songs more times that we'd like to count. And yet, seeing the musical in real life and having Elsa's jaw-dropping 14-thousand-crystal ice dress glitter before our eyes is a moment we'll never forget. There are an incredible 450-odd costumes in the production, each made locally in Sydney's Leichhardt. And the detail of the wigs (without giving too much away, yes Ana's hair does slowly change from red to white) is astounding.

The sets, meanwhile, were breathtaking with their intricate design – you could almost feel the frost from Elsa's Ice Palace and the heat from Wandering Oaken's Sauna. Soaring ceilings, moonlit backdrops, magical stagecraft and eye-popping visual effects transport you straight to Arendelle. We've been to a fair few musicals in our time, but we can't recall a show that has drawn more gasps of wonder and 'oooh's of amazement from the audience.

Even without the nine-month hiatus from live theatre that's made us all eager to get back to the shows we love, Disney's Frozen the Musical is worth melting for.

COVID-safe practices

With government advice changing as the situation develops, the theatre is in constant contact with NSW Health to ensure they are compliant on all aspects.

Once inside the Capitol Theatre, you can order pre-show and intermission drinks and snacks as usual, the only difference being that drinks are served with a lid. Anastasia says 'We've been closed for seven months. People are craving entertainment again... The appetite's there, everyone wants to return safely and I think people are prepared to make small changes for that to occur.'

Yes, the experience was slightly different to the last time we attended a musical, but the magic was still there.

Frozen the Musical is now playing in Sydney. There are still great seats available for January performances, making it the perfect present to stick under the Christmas tree. Tickets start from $49.50 – get them here.