Review: Aladdin the Musical

Alluring sets and costumes, a magical flying carpet, a charismatic genie - the musical brings to life "indescribable feelings".

Review: Aladdin the Musical

If you think you’ve seen everything there is to see in a stage spectacle, Aladdin the Musical will outshine that notion with more glitz, glamour and pizzazz than anything you’ve seen. From the alluring sets and costumes, to the magical flying carpet that leaves you in awe and wonder, the musical brings “a new fantastic point of view” to the much-loved film.

Having watched the show later in the season I can’t begin to count the number of times I heard someone say, “you’ve got to see the show!” When I finally went to see the production, I thought I’d heard it all and that there wouldn’t be much to surprise me, but I was wrong!

The moment the genie took to stage — interacting with the audience in his charismatic and witty way, throwing in some localised jokes — he made sure everyone knew they were in for a night of immense entertainment.

Each set brought new marvels through the use of tactical trickery, making the magical moments feel so surreal. I couldn’t help but notice the laughter and applause that surrounded me during the show. It felt as though everyone in the theatre was taken to a place of childlike joy.

There’s no doubt that Aladdin the Musical brings to life “unbelievable sights” and “indescribable feelings”. This “shining, shimmering, splendid,” show is currently playing in Brisbane and is set to hit Perth in July.

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