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Review: The Play That Goes Wrong

reviews Apr 20, 2017
Image: Jeff Busby

Now performing in Sydney before touring around Australia, The Play That Goes Wrong is the theatre show that we all need to see this year, in an era of fake news and uncertain times.

It stars former Neighbours, Wonderland and Dirty Laundry Live star Brooke Satchwell as well as Luke Joslin, original UK cast member James Marlowe and an ensemble of fantastic theatre performers.

The play starts as you enter the theatre, with stage managers, directors and cast wandering around the empty space. After a brief introduction from the director (of the play inside the play, not the real director), the real fun begins.

The Play That Goes Wrong may be wrong on a few levels but it gets a lot right. Without spoiling the storyline, let’s just say I left with cheeks sore from laughing almost uncontrollably in parts.

Performing to packed houses in the West End and on Broadway, this is sure to delight comedy fans across the country. With the slapstick level turned up to eleven, it’s a play that’s suitable for all ages and even those who may not be hardcore theatre fans. Whether you’re after date night plans, a family night out or just a plain good old jolly time at the theatre, do yourself a favour and book tickets.