Rolling Stone magazine is back in Australia and here's why we're loving it

With its cutting-edge pop culture coverage and definitive lists, the world's most iconic music magazine proves that it's back, bigger and better than ever.

Rolling Stone magazine is back in Australia and here's why we're loving it

The magazine that's renowned for its cutting-edge music and pop culture coverage, long-form journalism and compelling photography is hitting shelves in Australia this May. This (re)launch edition published by The Brag Media signals the return of the iconic magazine to our shores.

The website, launched in March, reveals a brand that's back, bigger and better than ever. Here's what we're looking forward to.

A mix of music, politics, sports and culture

What started as a rock 'n' roll magazine with $7,500 of mostly borrowed cash in the '60s has become one of the most recognisable brands in the world as it captured the zeitgeist, edition after edition. And in the decades, it's expanded its offering from showcasing up-and-coming acts to covering the biggest issues facing society. All with a distinct and unique slant. Take, for example, its feature on the coronavirus crisis in the psychiatric ward or the dangerous precedent Australia is setting in trying to cheat the Paris agreement. Or its examination of what it's like to play sport for a rival team. No other publication springs to mind when considering the breadth and depth of topics covered.

Local coverage

Sure, we're as keen as the next person to learn that Drake jumped to #1 on the US magazine's Artists 500 Chart with 'Toosie Slide' but there's something refreshing about reading news that's relevant and current to our slice of the world. Call it patriotism, call it pride – whatever it is, having original content written by locals for locals affirms our identity and reinforces the message that what happens here matters.

Give it to us in Rolling Stone's signature style of highly readable experimental journalism and we're in magazine heaven. There will still be coverage of international artists and events, of course; it wouldn't be the most iconic music magazine in history without it.

Definitive lists

The 500 greatest songs of all time; the top 100 albums of all time; the 100 greatest Beatles songs. Whatever list you're after, Rolling Stone probably has it. Even better, they're not just lists. They're detailed – and fascinating – explorations of the elements of that song, or artist, or album, that make it worthy of its standing. Use them to educate yourself, entertain or discover the next thing to add to your playlist.

A tangible copy

Simply put, there's nothing quite like opening the crisp front page of the newest issue of a magazine. It's the antithesis of the mindless scrolling we engage in on our phones. Add to that the fact that reading print has been shown to improve comprehension and focus, and you've got a much more immersive experience.

There's been a resurgence of print media in recent years as audiences become aware of the benefits of holding a physical copy of a book or magazine. After all, you can line up your magazine issues in your bookshelf, to be browsed, reread and lent to others – and to display your impeccable taste when guests come over for dinner.

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