The 5 most epic performances from Katy Perry

Discover the moments that have made Katy Perry an internationally renowned performer.

The 5 most epic performances from Katy Perry

Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, or as most people know her, Katy Perry, has been dazzling audiences since 2008. It may seem crazy when you think that Katy Perry’s career has spanned more than a decade, but when you try to recount her countless hits it’s clear how far she’s come. From marrying Russell Brand to feuding with Taytay, she’s certainly given us a lot to talk about. But our sole focus shouldn’t be on her celebrity relationships; there’s no denying that Katy Perry has given some incredible live performances over the years.

1. MTV Unplugged

Throwing back to Katy’s brunette pinup days, her MTV Unplugged performance is the perfect combination of spectacle and subtlety. This performance gave the world the first taste of Katy Perry’s musical versatility, as she reconceptualised her pop hits into acoustic jazz-like ballads.

2. England’s 2009 V Festival

We couldn’t make a Katy Perry post without including a performance of ‘I Kissed A Girl’. She certainly took things to the next level at the 2009 V Festival with her high-energy performance of her breakout single. Katy kept true to the song’s title, as she dove into the audience to kiss one lucky female fan.

3. The 2015 Superbowl Halftime Show

Arguably one of the biggest entertainment events of the year, it’s no surprise that Katy Perry pulled out all the stops for her performance at the 2015 Superbowl Halftime Show. Collaborating with superstars Missy Elliot and Lenny Kravitz, (and the infamous dancing sharks), this was definitely one of Katy Perry’s more iconic performances.

4. 2015 Grammy Awards — By The Grace Of God

Katy Perry steered away from the bright colours and costumes for a more stripped-back performance at the 2015 Grammy Awards. Her rendition of ‘By The Grace Of God’ displayed her undeniable talent as both a vocalist and performer, as she captivated her audience with a more toned-down monochromatic approach.

5. ‘Thinking Of You’ and ‘Part Of Me’ medley — Madison Square Garden

Katy Perry’s performances are certainly out of this world, and with a hit single titled E.T., it’s clear that she isn’t one to shy away from extraterrestrial themes. Her performance at Madison Square Garden was no exception. With her guitar in hand, she perched herself on a giant planet hung from the ceiling, reminding audiences of her musical and visual artistry.

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