These celebs are helping you nail your home workout

If you've been indulging in UberEats, leftover Easter chocolate and wine while at home, you're not alone (no judgment from us). Here are some celebrities helping to get you back in shape.

These celebs are helping you nail your home workout


Indulging in UberEats, leftover Easter chocolate and wine? You're not alone (no judgment here). The TIX team have pulled together a stack of ways to get back in shape with some of our favourite celebs and artists without leaving the house – because the day will come when we need to fit back into those jeans at the back of the wardrobe.

Strictly You by Sonia Kruger

Ever wondered how Sonia looks so good at 54? Wonder no more, the Aussie personality has created a brand new program featuring music-based workouts and a revolutionary meal plan. Try an instant free workout plus 50% off your first payment. Plans start from $4.99 per week.

A yoga/Pilates mat is a must for any home workout, especially one involving crunches.

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Ballet Classes with the Australian Ballet

Although the Australian Ballet Centre is closed and the studio classes temporarily postponed, you can still join their adult ballet classes in their new online format and the best part is it’s free. There are three levels available – beginner for those wanting to dip their toes in the water, intermediate for those wanting to focus on technique and advanced for the loyal bunheads. Each class is 30 to 40 minutes long, with most of the lesson spent at the barre (or bench, table or chair).

While classes are free, our local industry is hurting due to the current event restrictions. You can donate directly to the Australian Ballet here.

Dress the part with ballet flats and leotards.


Get active with Arnold Schwarzenegger

OK, so while he doesn't actually show you how to achieve a bodybuilder's physique, his advice to get moving outside (as long as it's safe for you to do so) is pretty sound. Follow his Twitter account for occasional fitness tips and videos of Lulu and Whiskey, his pet donkey and miniature horse.

Want to do as Arnold and get on your bike and ride? From foldable models to vintage styles, there are plenty to choose from. Or, channel your inner Marty McFly with a hoverboard from one of the most popular scooter makers, Razor.

Centr - By Chris Hemsworth

He's everyone’s favourite Aussie and getting fit and strong with Chris Hemsworth's app is almost like we’re in the room with him. With healthy recipes, HIIT, boxing, Pilates and strength training, there’s no excuse not to look like Elsa Pataky by the end of quarantine. While there's a monthly subscription charge, you can try it free for seven days.

Start your healthy eating journey with the right kitchen equipment such as new kitchen scales and protein shaker bottles.


Who doesn't love the '80s? Join Retrosweat's founder Shannon Dooley on Instagram and sweat, tone and trim with joy, colour and a bangin' '80s playlist. Dress up in your favourite retro workout gear and join the fun every Saturday at 11am AEST.

We're particularly loving these neon leg warmers and lycra bodysuits. Complete the outfit with the obligatory sweatband.

How to Be Fit With Tommy T.

Join the alter ego of Aussie actor Todd Lasance (Home and Away, Cloudstreet, Underbelly) on YouTube as he shows  you how (not) to work out at home.

Recreate Tommy T.'s workout with new kicks, sweat pants and a pre-workout powder.

Sweat Fest with Ryan Heffington

If you're friends with a millennial (or are one), you've likely heard of the twice-Grammy-nominated choreographer and seen his dance sessions popping up in various Instagram Stories. They are freeform, high-energy romps that leave you grinning from ear to ear. Follow his Instagram account to join the next one (if you're awake for it – the time difference isn't always kind to us Down Under).

Make it a surround-sound experience with bluetooth speakers.


And if you'd rather get groovin' at home with your own moves, checkout this playlist from Spotify.