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We watched the official trailer for CATS and here’s what we thought

news Jul 22, 2019
Image: Universal Pictures

If the idea of a 2-hour stage spectacle about singing, dancing cats isn’t intriguing enough, (there’s a reason it’s a Broadway classic), Universal has upped the ante and cast household names such as Dame Judi Dench, Jennifer Hudson, Taylor Swift and Jason Derulo in the roles of the aforementioned singing, dancing cats — with a twist. Not content with relying on costumes and makeup to transform humans into cats, the CGI team has worked its magic to create cat personas with very recognisable features of their human actors. Think Hermione Granger post polyjuice potion in The Chamber of Secrets. But more bizarre.

Here in the TIX office we’re always up for some fun so we decided to watch the official trailer together as a team building activity. Some of us laughed. Some of us almost cried. We were simultaneously enthralled, appalled, confused and amused.

Our biggest takeaway? We’ll stick with the stage version any day. And as a team building exercise, it worked. What doesn’t break you makes you stronger.

Catherine Mah

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