We've got your calendar for this weekend sorted

Now that things are a bit more normal, we've come up with some of our favourite activities for the weekend.

We've got your calendar for this weekend sorted

With lockdown restrictions easing, life is starting to get a bit more normal. After months of keeping ourselves entertained at home, most of us are itching to enjoy the outside world. Perhaps you're struggling to decide what to add to your agenda first (and a lot of us are struggling to remember how to socialise with people). Fear not, for we've come up with a few of our favourite activities for the weekend. Better yet, for those of you in New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and the ACT, you get an added day over the Queen's Birthday! However, social distancing guidelines are still in place, so please be sure to respect the rules within your state and keep a physical distance of 1.5 metres from others.


When lockdown restrictions were first put in place, many of us vowed to use this time wisely, to learn new skills or begin new projects. But if we're being totally honest, most of that went out the window by day two. We're not sure about you, but a lot of our days were spent binge-watching trash TV on the couch, which isn't exactly the most intellectually stimulating experience. So, if you need a bit of culture back in your life, check out one of your city's art galleries. The Art Gallery of New South Wales, National Gallery of Australia and Art Gallery of South Australia are all open this weekend. Who knows, maybe it will be the inspiration you need to finally take on that art project.

National Parks

After all the time spent at home in front of screens, a lot of us are absolutely itching to venture out into the great outdoors. National parks and gardens have reopened across the country.  Nature walks are an awesome social distancing activity; there's nothing better than taking time alone to experience some peace and quiet in nature. Some parks have even opened their campgrounds – perhaps a few nights in a tent will spark a new found appreciation for the comforts of your home.  So get out and smell the roses (or whatever native plants you find along the way).

Note: This is NOT what social distancing looks like


If you've grown tired of watching your cat chase birds in the garden, head over to your local zoo for a more diverse selection of animal entertainment. Taronga Zoo and Melbourne Zoo are both open this weekend and full of your furry friends, so you no longer have to rely on Elephant and Tiger cams (admittedly these are still better options than Tiger King). Gather the troops (aka your kids) and enjoy a family day out. You never know, you might even have more fun than the kids.

Farmers Markets

Grocery shopping was a pretty stressful experience these past few months; you never really knew what would or wouldn't be available (we're just glad that toilet paper is finally back on the shelves). If the thought of going to Woolworths still makes you break out into a cold sweat, consider getting your fresh produce from a farmers market. It's a surprisingly fun experience, as you're liable to end up with a random selection of delicious fruits and veggies, sparking your creativity in the kitchen. The in-season produce will be ten times tastier than the limp lettuce from the supermarket, not to mention that it's a fantastic opportunity to support local farmers and businesses.

If cooking isn't your forte, then meal kits are the perfect way to build confidence in the kitchen. Check out Marley Spoon – TIX readers can get $100 off their first four boxes.^


You can't have food without a little wine. We don't doubt that many of you have been enjoying a few glasses (or a whole bottle –no judgment) while you've been stuck at home. So why not make your love of wine an excuse to get out and enjoy the world this weekend? Head to a local winery for a wine tasting. We promise you'll enjoy it; it's a nicer experience than sipping while you eat popcorn in your pyjamas for the fifth day in a row. But if you can't make it out of the house this time around, you can save 50% on organic wines from Koonara Wines – delivered to your door*.

It's healthy because it grows on trees (well, vines)


Perhaps you're not quite ready to venture outside and bask in all that the outside world has to offer – and that's fine. Why not share the comforts of streamed content with some friends? With more relaxed social distancing rules in place, up to five people can now visit your house at one time. And if you're looking for something other than yet another Netflix series, there are a selection of live performances available to stream. One of our favourites is the Take That and Robbie Williams reunion, performed from live their homes – and it's available on-demand for the next six weeks.

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