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Why absolutely everyone loves Lionel Richie & why you need to see him LIVE

trending Mar 20, 2018

“My job is to play all the hits, all night long.”

Lionel Richie’s career has spanned almost fifty years, so it comes as no surprise that he knows how to do his job. With an Oscar, a Golden Globe, and four Grammy Awards, it seems that most people would agree. Fans across the globe, from Japan to Paris to Morocco, have Endless Love for Lionel. But what exactly is it that leaves audiences so enamoured?

#1 For starters he’s one of the founding fathers of funk

#2 He’s even got Glastonbury’s security guards trying to dance on the ceiling

#3 He’s also got the secret handshake thing down pat

#4 He knows how to write a love song

#5 And he was saying ‘Hello’ long before Adele

Lionel is consistently praised for his spectacular, high-energy concerts. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll sing your heart out. But don’t take our word for it — check out these epic clips from previous concerts.

Here he performs for the live recording of Symphonica Rosso in Arnhem, Netherlands.

And in the city of love, Paris, France.

And finally, showing his ‘endless love’ to Chinese fans on Chinese Idol.

Don’t miss your chance to see one of music’s biggest stars. Lionel Richie — All The Hits Tour kicks off in Australia next week. All remaining tickets now $49.90 from Lasttix!

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